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Question – How do you know the inner world of a person? Because I have always felt that the moment you see somebody, Instantly his whole life is revealed to you. This is my own experience too.

Osho – There is not much mystery in it, it is very simple. If YOU are a mirror, if you are silent, if there is no turmoil within you, if there is no thought process and traffic of the mind inside you, the other is simply reflected. It is not a great secret.

If you go to the lake and there are no ripples and waves on the lake, you are reflected in the lake, the moon and the stars are reflected in the lake. The lake knows no art; it is not an art anyway, it is a simple phenomenon. I am sitting here silently, with no traffic of the mind. You come in front of me, the mirror reflects you. The lake of my consciousness reflects you: I see you, all and all, from one end to another end, in your totality. But this knowing is not knowledge, this knowing is just mirroring. It is as simple as this….

Donald Crowe stopped his camper truck along the Yellowstone National Park road. ”A bear!” shouted Donald with delight. His wife cautioned him, ”Dear, the signs say, ‘Do not feed the bears’!” ”A sandwich or two isn’t going to hurt the bear.”

Donald jumped out of the camper and neared the bear with a sandwich in his right hand. He then tossed the sandwich which the bear caught and downed in one gulp. Finally he gave the bear his second sandwich.

Suddenly the bear growled ferociously. He wanted the third sandwich which Donald didn’t have. Donald turned his pocket inside out to show he had no more food. ”No more. See? I’ve given you all my sandwiches.”

The bear began to rush towards Donald. Donald ran for his life. As he breathlessly tore the camper door open, Donald gasped, ”That bear just doesn’t understand English!”

There is no need to understand your language, there is no need to understand anything about you. There is no need to understand you at all: you are simply reflected. A bear is a bear. How do you know that a bear is a bear? How do you know that a rose is a rose? There is no analysis involved in it, no technique, no technology.

They tell the story of the psychiatrist who had a plane to catch and who still had three women in his waiting-room together with their children. So he decided to treat them all at once. He walked up to the first lady who was obviously very heavy and fat and said to her, ”Madam, it’s plain to see that your problem involves food, that is all you ever think of. What is your child’s name?”

”Honey,” replied the woman.
”You see, you even were subconsciously thinking of food when you named your child. My advice for you is to go home and stop thinking of food.”

The next woman he approached was dressed up with jewelry and very expensive clothes. ”Madam, it is plain to see that your priorities deal with the material things of life and that money is your god. What is your child’s name?”

”Goldie,” she replied.
”You see, even subconsciously you were thinking of wealth when you named your child. My advice is to go home and forget about material things.”

As he approached the third women she got up, grabbed her son and in a loud voice said, ”Come on, Dick, we’d better go home now.”

Things are very simple. You just have to be a mirror, and people reveal everything themselves. You need not even ask a single question. The way they walk, the way they sit, the way they look, the way they talk, reveals everything. It is not revealed to you, because you are not looking at them at all. You are so preoccupied in yourself, you are so preoccupied with your thoughts, that you are surrounded by a fog.

Otherwise, everybody is revealing everything. Everybody is naked. You just need open eyes, a silent mind, and you will be surprised: nobody can hide anything from you, there is no way of hiding anything.

Source: from Osho Book “Unio Mystica, Vol 2”

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