Osho on Watching and Witnessing

Question – Beloved Master, Is there a difference between Watching and Witnessing?

Osho – There is a difference. You watch television, you don’t witness it. But, while watching television, if you start witnessing yourself watching television, then there are two processes going on: you are watching television, and something within you is witnessing the process of watching television. Witnessing is deeper, far deeper. It is not equivalent to watching. Watching is superficial.

So remember that meditation is witnessing. Otherwise, there are the “One Thousand Friends of Oregon,” who call themselves “watchdogs” — they will all become enlightened! And I don’t think you have heard the word “witnessdogs.” Nothing like that exists. Watchdogs are possible, watching can be done even by dogs. Witnessing is a very deep and higher quality only man is capable of.

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