Osho - Disciplehood is a paradox

Osho – Deva means divine, jurgen means a farmer. Life is an opportunity, just a seed. One can miss it, one can remain a seed; that will be the missing of the opportunity. One has to seek the right soil. One has to be a farmer; One has to learn how to grow.

All that is needed in farming is needed in inner growth too: the right soil, the right season, protection for the new sprouts, the right quantity of water and sun and air, and not too much protection; that is the most important thing, because too much protection will not be helpful, it will be harmful. If one is protected too much, one becomes spineless; one never becomes strong enough, one is never on one’s own feet.

So just as the plants need protection and yet insecurity too, safety and openness to danger, vulnerability, too, in the same way the inner growth needs both. One has to be exactly in the middle of the polar opposites. The moment you lean too much towards one extreme, growth is stifled. Growth needs the golden mean: neither too much security nor too much insecurity.

One has to learn it by ones own efforts, slowly slowly; it is a delicate affair. No farmer can teach his son farming except by taking him to the farm day in, day out, year in, year out, so that he learns the knack of it. Thomas is the name of a disciple of Jesus. To be a disciple is one of the greatest moments inlife; neither birth nor death is so important. It is the moment of disciplehood which is of supreme importance, because the real birth happens when one becomes a disciple, and the real death too. In a way one dies, in a way one is reborn.

Disciplehood is a paradox, birth. death together. simultaneously; and if one allows this, god is not far away. Narayana is a name of god. If one is a disciple, god is not far away. That is the meaning of your name: be a disciple and god is very close by, just by the comer. Be a disciple totally and you have arrived.

Source: from Osho Book “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”

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