[A sannyasin says: I am in beautiful love with a sannyasin here but sometimes I feel very much that I need my own space, I need to be alone. And I don’t understand if it is good or if it is because I am afraid to be more deeply in love.]

Osho – Nothing to be worried about. You need that much space to be alone. It is not a question of escaping: it is your need. So whenever you feel like being alone, be alone. Don’t force yourself to do something which is not happening naturally. One needs a few moments to be alone. To be together for twenty-four hours is dangerous. It starts being an encroachment on the other’s space, and the other starts encroaching on your space. Then one feels suffocated; this is a sure way to destroy love.

Love can exist only when two persons are capable of coming closer when it is happening naturally, and then withdrawing. This is the rhythm: coming closer, going away, coming closer, going away; this is the day and night of a love affair. If you remain far away too much, again love will be destroyed.

There is a need of a great balance – to go away and to come and to go away again – so each time you come close it is again fresh. Again there is passion, joy, much longing to be together. This is a natural rhythm; there is no question of escape. Simply follow your natural feeling.

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