Osho – Love is true only when it is spontaneous, unplanned, unpracticed, uncultivated, unthought. Whenever you plan for love, whenever deliberateness enters into it it becomes phony and false. And that’s why people go on loving yet it never satisfies, because no phony food can be nourishing.

True love has to be spontaneous, it has to happen without any preparation preceding it. It has to come out from nowhere, out of the blue. Suddenly it is there; you were not rehearsing for it. Anything rehearsed is bound to become false. Then later on you are acting it, in the mind you rehearse and then you act. If you are waiting for your lover and you are rehearsing in the mind what you are going to say and what you are going to do, that won’t allow you real love.

When he comes you will simply be repeating the ready-made idea, it will be acting. But people are unaware that that’s how they go on missing the opportunity that love gives. And then rather than a contentment, a fulfilment, love becomes a frustration. But the root cause is in its being
false. And why is it false? – because it is ready-made, it is not spontaneous, it is not out of the
moment. Learn to love spontaneously, out of the moment, and you will be surprised: it liberates!

Source: from Osho Book “Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot”

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