Osho – Don’t depend on the body and don’t remain confined to the body. Use it, respect it, love it, care for it, but remember: you have to leave it one day. It is only a cage, it will be left behind, and the bird will be gone. Before that happens, take care of the bird too. Cleanse your consciousness, because that will be going with you. Your understanding will go with you, not your body.
So don’t waste too much time in decorating it with cosmetics, with clothes, with ornaments — don’t waste too much time with the body, because the body belongs to the earth and the earth will claim it back. Dust unto dust. You don’t belong to the earth, you belong to some beyond, to some unknown. Your home is in the unknown, here you are only a visitor. Enjoy the visit and use it as much as possible to grow in understanding and maturity, so that you can take home your maturity, your understanding, your wisdom.

Source: from Osho Book “Dhammapada Vol 2”

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