Osho on Expectations

Question – Beloved Osho, i feel so blessed to have this opportunity to float in your ocean of silence. Does my wanting more block my availability to receive it?

Osho – Anand Saten, I am sorry to say to you that your wanting more is certainly going to block your availability to receive the bliss that you are receiving without expectations. This is a simple, basic rule.

Jesus says, “Ask and it shall be given to you.” I say, “Don’t ask, otherwise it will be not given to you; not only that, whatever is given to you will be taken away.” Jesus says, “Knock and the doors shall be opened,” and I say unto you, “Knock, and even if the doors are open, they will be locked!”

Jesus says, “Seek and ye shall find,” and I say unto you, “Seek, and you have missed forever. Don’t seek, and you are it — there is nothing else to find.” The bliss that you are finding here is not coming from outside; it has been within you always — you just have never been in the company of blissful, madly divine people. Seeing so many people flowering, suddenly you have blossomed.

Blissfulness is contagious. That’s my whole idea of creating small oases around the world, where people can find blissful people all around. The very presence of those blissful people will transform them. Intrinsically everyone has the capacity, but they are always surrounded by miserable people so they never become aware that there is a possibility of being blissful. Everybody is miserable and it looks a little weird and awkward and embarrassing: when everybody is miserable and you are enjoying, one feels guilty. You have to be part of the company you have chosen.

The whole world can be blissful because everybody carries it within himself. But there are a few points to be remembered, and the most important is: don’t ask for it, don’t knock for it, don’t seek it, don’t expect it — otherwise you will become closed. Remain available and open, and it comes… and it comes in abundance.

Paddy drove through the red light and smashed into a car driven by Father O’Hagan. The car turned over three times and the priest was thrown from the vehicle into the gutter.
Paddy rushed over and said, “I am terribly sorry, Father”.
“Saints above!” said the shaken priest, “You almost killed me.”
“Here,” said Paddy, “I have got a small bottle of whisky. Take some and you will feel a lot better.”
Father O’Hagan took a couple of large gulps and then continued his tirade: “What were you doing? You nearly launched me into eternity.”
“I am sorry, Father,” said Paddy. “Take a few more sips and it will ease your nerves.”
The priest took another large gulp and almost finished the bottle, which he offered to Paddy saying, “Why don’t you have a drink?”
“No thanks, Father,” said Paddy, “I will just sit here and wait for the police to arrive!”

Just be a little alert, that’s all! If you can learn only one lesson, that of being conscious, blissfulness will arrive. And it is natural — I can understand — when it comes, you want more. But you have to be alert not to want more. On the contrary, be thankful for that which has come, and more will be coming — that is absolutely certain. I say it on my own experience, not according to any scripture, or according to any religion, or according to any saint.

Don’t expect! Whatever you get, be grateful for it. Instead of expecting more say, “This is too much! I don’t deserve it, I have not earned it.” Bow down to existence in deep gratitude, and you will feel flowers of bliss and benediction showering on you from all sides. Once you have learned the simple rule, you will never expect — and you will always be getting more and more. Just remain available, keep the doors and windows of your heart open.

Source – Osho Book “The Great Pilgrimage From Here to Here”

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