Osho on Suffering in World

Question – Bhagwan, why does suffering exist in the world?

Osho – The suffering exists in the world because of purposes, goals and things like that. The suffering simply means you are split, torn apart — you are in such a situation that you can never be one whole, you can never be an organic unity.

Suffering disappears the moment you drop purposes, goals — ends.
And you start living moment to moment.
There is no tomorrow and there is no future.
Time means now.
And space means here.
All suffering disappears.

But because the so-called leaders of the world, thinkers, philosophers, theologians — they are all giving you great ideals to be achieved, great goals to be reached; they have managed humanity to suffer forever. Those ideals, those goals, those ends are the causes of suffering and your so-called great religious political, social leaders are the criminals who have created the whole phenomenon of dividing man.

But it has been done with such sophistication, perhaps they themselves are not aware what they are doing. They may be suffering themselves.

Source – Osho Book “Last Testament Vol 6”

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