Osho - Every person has Energy to Heal

[A sannyasin who is leaving said: Two months ago, you said you might give me a special healing meditation. I’ve been going to all the divine healings (that happen at each monthly camp) and they did much.]

Osho – You would like to become a healer? … You will be able. It will be good for you. It will be good for others. Healing is a beautiful communication, deeper than any other communication. You can talk verbally, you can say to somebody, ’I love you,’ but words are just words empty. If you can simply shower your energy on the other person, you say in a very much deeper way ’I love you’. That really heals. That’s what I mean when I say that compassion is therapeutic.

So just start… and there is no need to be worried about technique. Whenever you feel that you have the energy to share, just share. A few things to remember…. The person should be lying down whenever you heal, because when a person is in a lying posture there is more possibility of entering his deepest core. When a person is lying down, he is more like a child. When he is sitting, he is less like a child; when he is standing, even less like a child.

When he is lying down he feels relaxed automatically, because lying down is associated with sleep and with childhood when he was not capable of sitting, not capable of standing. So sleep and childhood – these two things are deeply associated with lying. So let the person lie down and tell him to relax. The best way to help him to relax is to tell him to first do the opposite – to become as tense as possible, to tense all over the body so that he deliberately becomes tense and every fibre of the body is stretched.

Tell him to come to almost a mad climax of tension, and then when he cannot go any more, tell him suddenly to relax. Then he will fall into deep relaxation. Ordinarily if you say to somebody to relax, he listens to the word, he tries, but nothing happens, because how to relax? In fact if you say to a person to relax he becomes more tense than hewas before because now he tries to relax. He does not know what to do – because you cannot relax. You can become tense, but you cannot relax. Relaxation is a by-product, is an after-effect, a consequence of utmost tension.

So tell him to tense; that he knows how to do. That is not a problem – everybody knows how to become tense. Tell him that he is facing his enemy or facing death and he has to escape, so become tense. Tell him to let his whole body become tense, vibrating with tension, and then suddenly tell him to relax. With this created tension, he can relax now. He will fall into deep relaxation. Just two, three minutes of great tension will help him to relax. And when he is relaxing, start pouring your energy on him.

It is good not to touch the body. In the beginning it is good not to. Just keep at least two inches away from the body, because if you touch the body suddenly, the modern mind has become afraid of touch so much that it becomes tense. People are very touchy about touch. If you touch them they become tense. The modern mind knows only one touch, and that is sexual. All touch has disappeared. We don’t touch people ordinarily.

If you see two men holding hands, you think they are gay, queer or that something is wrong with them. Foolish! They may be just friends. Nothing is wrong in touching each other’s body, but two men touching each other become afraid. You feel embarrassed if somebody embraces you. If he is a man you feel embarrassed. If she is a woman you feel sexually aroused. But in both the ways touch loses security, innocence.

Even fathers and mothers don’t touch and cuddle and hug their children. The only touch that children have come to know and associate with is when the father becomes angry and hits and slaps. That is the only touch. So when you touch somebody, you touch wrong associations – sexual, homosexual, or somebody slapping and the other becoming afraid, scared, defensive, tense. So in the beginning, never touch.

When you are healing a person, so much energy is pouring out that if you touch, it will be almost as if you are touching him with a live wire, a live electric wire He will become so afraid that his doors will close – and if the doors are closed, you can go on showering and nothing will happen. Healing is possible not only because of your energy – it is possible only when your energy enters the other person and becomes his energy. If it comes up to the door and returns, no healing happens.

That’s why if a person does not trust you, never try healing – never try, because it is not possible. If a person has doubts about you, forget about him. It is possible only in deep trust, and if you try on persons who won’t trust you, you will become unconfident about your own energy. If you fail many times, then by and by you will think ’Nothing is happening. I don’t have the energy.’

In fact every person has the energy to heal. It is something natural. It is not that a few people are healers and others are not, no. Every person born is a healer but has forgotten the capacity, or has never used it, or has used it in wrong associations and has come to feel that it never works. So in the beginning never try on just anyone. It is a very tempting thing, because people who don’t believe say, ’Okay, now try on us. We are ready. You can show us how you can heal.’

Never make it an argument, because that will be very destructive to you, and when the person is not receptive, you will feel very tired. When the energy comes back, unwelcomed, unreceived, and falls back on you, you will feel very tired because you have exhausted your energy with no result, with no fulfillment. You have exhausted the energy but it has not been creative.

So never try it on somebody who challenges you. It is not a challenge. If somebody is ready to participate, to go with you, then it is a beautiful experience. So in the beginning never touch. When the person is relaxing more and more and you feel… and I am saying feel – not that you think. If you feel an urge arises to touch the person – for example he has a stomach ache or a headache or something and you feel that just touching the head will be helpful – then touch, but first let him get in tune with you.

First just give an energy massage, not touching the body. Keep about two inches distance, because the person’s body aura is about six inches away from his body. Keep about two, three inches away, so in a way you are touching his energy aura. You are not touching his or her physical body, but you are touching his subtle body – and that’s enough. For the energy to penetrate, that’s enough. You have really touched him, but he will not be afraid about that.

When you feel that the person is participating tremendously, when his trust is immense and you can see that he is flowing with you, and you can feel that your energy is being absorbed – it is not rejected; he has become like a sponge and is soaking it up – then you can touch. Then the touch becomes very very helpful; then it becomes a pinpoint. On that point the whole energy showers and enters deepest.

After each healing it is better that if you can take a shower, do so. If it is not possible, then at least wash your hands immediately and shake them. It always happens that when you are passing your energy into the other person, his or her energy also sometimes passes into you; they overlap. Sometimes the person can be very very strong, even stronger than you.

Sometimes the person may not be strong, but his illness may be very strong, so those vibrations of illness can enter you and can be destructive. They can make you m, tense. Healing is good but not at your own cost, because then it is foolish and you cannot heal much. Sooner or later you will become ill, badly ill, and your body will be confused very much.

So it you can take a shower, good. If it is not possible, then just wash your hands immediately. Cold water is very good – it helps your energy to shrink back, and then the contact is lost from any influences, impressions, vibrations, that could get into it. Then shake your hands. If you feel sometimes that you are really too full of the energy of the other person, jog, jump. Two or three minutes jogging will do. Then all the impressions and vibrations will fall away from you. Only this much… and you will be able, mm? Good.

Source: from Osho Book “The Passion for the Impossible”

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