osho on watching the mind

Osho – My sannyasins have to do only one thing, that is, they have to become watchers of the mind, not controllers, just watchers. and then allow the process to take its own course. Whenever you have time, just sit silently and watch with no motive. Don’t wait for any result, don’t think that now great light will arise or a one-thousand-petalled lotus will open inside you and chakras and the energy will rise upwards. Don’t be worried about these things. Even if they happen, watch them; they are part of the mind.

Everything that you can watch is part of the mind — that’s the very key to unlock the door. Everything that can be watched — kundalini arising, lotuses opening, beautiful fragrances and light inside… all can be watched, so that simply means they are subtle processes of thought. Mind is playing, trying to play its last tricks, trying to enchant you that ‘Look, what are you doing? Trying to drop me? I can supply such a good circus and I contain so many mysteries. What are you doing? Trying to go beyond me? Then watch this light, watch this energy and see: your third eye is opening. These are all tricks of the mind, subtle tricks. One has to remain absolutely unaffected.

Those are the real temptations. There is no devil other than the mind. If one can go on watching and enjoying these temptations: ‘Yes, you go on playing your tricks — I am ready to watch, I will watch everything. I will watch even nothing…’ Because that is the final and ultimate strategy. The mind says ‘Okay, you are interested in nothing? Have it!’ If you cling to nothing you are back in the mind; the mind has conquered you, you have been defeated.

So you say ‘Okay, I will even watch nothing. I am not going to be entangled in anything again, even by nothing.’ And then the real nothing happens; it is no more a thought. You don’t see it, you can’t hold it, you can’t touch it. All has disappeared; even the idea of nothing is no more there. You are not feeling a great joy, ‘Look, now I have achieved nothing. That’s what happens when a man becomes a Buddha.’ Even that is not there; hence Buddha says ‘If you meet me on the way, kill me immediately.’ That’s what he means: even if you come to the idea ‘Now I have become the Buddha’. kill it immediately. That is the last temptation of the mind.

Go on watching and watching and watching till there is nothing to watch, not even nothing to watch. Then the watcher is left alone, then there is no object, when subjectivity is left alone, in that absolute silence is the revolution.

Source – Osho Book “The Golden Wind”

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