Osho on God and Creativity

Osho – It is not only that God created existence in the beginning. He continuously creates it, the creativity is a continuum. It has never stopped. In fact there was no beginning and there will be no end. God is more creativity than a creator. Each moment He is at work. There has never been a holiday, and the christian myth – that for six days He created and on the seventh day He rested – is just a myth.

His creation is His play. He is not tired. The very idea of six days work makes sense only because we think of it as work. Then on the seventh day one needs rest. God’s creativity is continuous; there is no rest. If He rests for a single moment life will stop. He is our breath. If your breath goes on a holiday, you are gone. Even if for a few minutes your heart does not beat, you are gone. God is the heartbeat of the universe. There has never been a holiday and there will never be. And He is constantly nursing you.

The very idea that somewhere in the past He created the world, creates a distance. He becomes almost invisible, inconceivable. When you think that millions of years ago He created the world, it doesn’t seem relevant to you, you don’t seem to be related to Him. He may have created Adam but He has not created you. You don’t feel connected.

No, God has not only created Adam – He is continuously creating: He has created you. And not that He stopped one day when you were born; He has been continuously creating you. He has been your childhood, He has been your youth, He will be your old age. He is your life and He will be your death. He is all! He is the breath going in and He is the breath going out. He is within and He is without and He is continuously nursing you.

Once this idea takes form in your being, God becomes very close. It is a continuous contact. Even when you are asleep, He is breathing in you. Even when you never think of Him, He thinks of you. There is a sufi saying, that if God stops thinking about you for a single moment you will disappear. Because you are a thought in His cosmic mind, you are His dream. He maintains you.

Let this idea sink deep in your heart, and suddenly you will see that God is not far away, He is very close by. And when you are eating, you are eating Him; when you are drinking, you are drinking Him. When you are in love, you are in love with Him, He is in love with you. Then there arises a kind of intimacy, a dialogue. That dialogue, that intimacy is prayer.

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