Osho on God and Let Go

Osho – God is always ready to give. He is always ready to share his being, his bliss, his truth, but we are unavailable, we are very closed. We don’t give him any way into our being, we don’t open even a single window. Out of fear we keep all the doors and windows closed; hence the wind and the sun and the rain… nothing can reach us.

God comes in many ways, in thousands of ways, but he just remains standing outside. And he is so polite that he will not even knock on the door, he will not ring the bell. He is so silent that you will not hear his footsteps. He will wait, and he can wait because he has infinity. But we lose much because our life is short, our time is very small and it is slipping out of our hands every moment.

And the older we grow, the more closed we become because the more afraid we are: death starts knocking on the door. Death is not polite. It is very noisy, it is not silent. If you don’t open the door it will force the door open, it will pull you out. So as we grow older we become more and more afraid, we become more and more enclosed, encapsulated, and god becomes farther and farther away.

He is always close but we are not available. He is near but we are far, far away from him. The strange phenomenon has to be understood because much depends on that understanding. He is very near but we are very far away; he is always available, we are never available.

The whole effort of all the masters down the ages has been to help you to become available, to help you to gather courage so that you can open your doors and windows and you can allow him — not reluctantly: you can welcome him. The moment you are ready to welcome him he immediately transforms your being. And that transformation is bliss. His grace showers on you, cleanses you, purifies you.

Man alone, on his own, cannot do that. It is impossible for man to cleanse his own heart, to purify his own being. It is like pulling yourself up by your shoestrings. It is impossible. You can try to jump a little bit but you will be back on the same earth again. You may even fall and have a few fractures. Man has to learn the secret of let-go.

Source – Osho Book “Fingers Pointing to the Moon”

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