Osho on satyam, shivam, sunderam as God

Osho – The Eastern mystics have defined god as satyam, shivam, sunderam. Satyam means the truth, shivam means the good, sunderam means the beautiful. The Christian trinity looks very poor — this is the true trinity. These are the three approaches towards god, three doors to enter into the ultimate.

Either you enter as a seeker of truth… That is the approach of the philosopher. And by philosophy I do not mean that which is taught in the universities. That is not philosophy at all. By philosophy I mean the original meaning of philosophy: love of wisdom. Lovers of wisdom enter from the door of truth. It is a different path but they reach the same peak, the peak is the same.

And the person who enters through the door called good is the person who tries to live a life of simplicity, innocence, purity — the virtuous one. And by the virtuous I don’t mean the moralist. The moralist is an egoist. He is cunning, calculative. His morality is not much, his morality is just a policy; hence he says ‘Honesty is the best policy.’ It is politics. He is playing a game. He is trying to deceive even god. He is only pretending to be good, he is not good.

To be virtuous is totally different. It is not a question of having a good character. It is a question of having more consciousness in your being, not conscience but consciousness. Conscience makes character, consciousness creates virtue. When you are alert, more alert than people ordinarily are, you have the capacity to see what is right and what is wrong. And each moment you decide; you don’t carry ready-made answers.

The man of so-called character lives out of ready-made answers; hence he is never in tune with life, never in step with life. His answers are old and life always raises new questions. But the virtuous man is spontaneous. He enters from the door of good.

And the poet and the painter and the sculptor and all those who love beauty enter from the third door. If one can enter from the third door, my preference is for the third. If it si impossible then my next preference is fo the second door, the door of spontaneous virtue. If that too is difficult, then only should one choose the path of wisdom, because that is the hardest path, the most arduous. And there is no need to be a martyr unnecessarily. When one can go easily, when one can go dancing and singing, why carry a cross?

Let that be your path — creativity. Create something beautiful, out of your being create something beautiful. And whatsoever you do be creative — that will be your religion, that will be your meditation. In the past religion has not been creative. That’s why religion has existed for thousands of years but has failed, utterly failed. It has not been able to transform human consciousness, not at all. Just a Jesus, a Buddha, a Lao Tzu, here and there — this is not success. Out of millions of people one person, Jesus… it does not prove anything. The exception simply proves the rule. And what did we do to these people? — we poisoned them, we killed them, we crucified them. We are closer to Judas than to Jesus. The whole humanity is closer to Judas than to Jesus. If Jesus comes back we will kill him again.

Religion has failed for the simple reason that it was uncreative. Anything uncreative cannot succeed. God is a creator. The only way to succeed in god’s existence — and there is no other existence — is to be creative. Create beauty, appreciate beauty, love beauty. Let beauty be your god. Worship beauty.

Source – Osho Book “Fingers Pointing to the Moon”

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