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Question – How can i see you, how can i recognize you, Osho?

Osho – An ancient saying:
When the sun rises
we know this,
not by staring at it,
but because we can see everything ELSE clearly.

HOW DO YOU RECOGNIZE THE SUN? You don’t stare at the sun – you look at the trees, you look at the people… you look all around: everything is so clear. Because everything is so clear, you know the sun has risen. The only way to see me is if I can help you to see clearly around yourself. That’s what I am doing here: making things clear, giving you a clarity, sorting things out, putting things in their right places, giving you vision and insight.

The day you can see things clearly – your desires, your greed, your anger, your rages, your violence, your misery – the day you can see that it is you who are creating all this hell, the day you can see that you have NEVER been out of paradise, that you were just under a nightmare, the deeper you recognize it, the deeper you see it, the deeper your clarity, the more you will see me, the more you will recognize me. There is no other way!

I cannot give you any proof. What proof can the sun give to you that ”I have come”? Should it bring some certificates from some court? Should it quote scriptures: ”Look! In every scripture it is written that I will be coming”? No, that is not the point.

That’s what people were asking Jesus. ”How should we recognize you? How can we believe that you are the Messiah? Prove it!” And the Christians have been doing that for two thousand years, trying to prove from the Old Testament and other scriptures that ”Yes, the old Prophets declared, and this is the man about whom they declared that he would be coming.”

This is foolish. This is absurd. Jesus cannot be proved by any declaration by anybody else. Who are these prophets to declare? And who are these old scriptures? and why should they control’ Jesus stands in his own right – -and those who want to see him should see him by the clarity that he brings. There is no other way.

If I bring some clarity to you, then you have seen me and you have recognized me. Don’t look for any other proofs. There are none, and I am not interested in them at all. But that seems easier, to have a proof: so that you need not think, so that you need not bother, so that you can accept something because of the old, ancient authorities. No, I stand here on my own feet. I am not standing on anybody’s shoulders. I will not take the help of Buddha. Buddha has declared, ”I will be coming after twenty-five centuries,” and the time has come.

People write letters to me: ”Are you the Buddha?” No. I stand on my own feet. I would not like to burden Buddha and stand on his shoulders – mm? – that will be so unmannerly. I can stand on my own feet. Then the sun rises we know this not by staring at it but because we can see everything else clearly.

Another ancient saying says: There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see. Remember it: if you DON’T wish to see, then there is no way. If you wish to see, then you cannot avoid me. Just search for the wish, just search in your inner desire. If you have the passion to see me, the nothing can hinder you – you will be able to see me. But if you don’t want to see me, if you have some investment in NOT seeing me, not recognizing me, then there is a problem.

Somebody has written that ”I am a Christian and I cannot believe that you are the Messiah.” Now this is an investment. That’s what the investment was with the Jews: they could not recognize Jesus because they were Jews. Now, you are a Christian and you cannot recognize me…. Hindus could not recognize Buddha because he had gone out of the tradition. Buddhists cannot recognize Kabir because he is not a Buddhist.

Just a few days ago, a man came to me from far away. And he said, ”I have come to you to be-come a sannyasin because I am a follower of Kabir, and you have spoken such beautiful words about Kabir – that’s why I have come.”

He was not interested in me at all. I could see that he was not seeing me at all. Just to be respectful to him, I gave him sannyas. And I asked him, ”Will you be staying here?” He said, ”No, there is no need.” ”Would you like to do some meditations?” He said, ”I am doing – I am following Kabir.”

Now, this man, even though he thinks he has taken sannyas from me, has not even come to me. He is befooling himself. He has only come to me because I have spoken so beautifully on Kabir. There are many who have come to me because I have spoken so beautifully on Christ, or so beautifully on Gurdjieff, or so beautifully on somebody else – but they have not come to me. They are not my people. Even if they are here they will not be able to see me – they have their investments.

Source – Osho Book “Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind”

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