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Osho – Trust is the greatest thing in the world that can happen to a man, because it is the most impossible thing. To trust somebody else is almost impossible, because doubt continues. Howsoever you trust, the other is the other. Who knows? How can you penetrate the other? You can at the most know something ABOUT him. You can know his biography, but the biography is always less than the man, and the man is still there, alive. The book is not yet closed; much more is still going to be added. Who knows?

And man is freedom. The man may have been good up to now, but what about the next moment? The next moment he can change, he can suddenly change. He can throw all his past and move in a new direction. Who knows? How can you trust the other? It is the most absurd and impossible thing in the world. But impossibles also happen, and once they happen they give you a totally new being.

I will tell you one story where a painter has described the way he recognized his calling. Somebody asked him,’How did you become a painter?’ The man had not been a painter up until his fiftieth year. He had lived as a broker, and you cannot imagine a broker becoming a painter. The callings are so different. The broker lives in the world of calculation, mathematics, logic — he lives in a very worldly world — and the painter is very unworldly. He lives in some unknown dimension. He looks like a fool. He has no logic, he lives an illogical life: uneconomical, unworldly. Somebody asked,’What has happened?’

The painter described his calling in a parable:’The Parable of the Ducks’ he called it. He said,’In this parable is the whole story of how I was transformed.’ He was living in a certain part of France. It was autumn, when the ducks and the wild geese fly south.

‘At the time of the migrations a strange trait is seen in the regions where duck and geese are in great numbers. The domestic birds are, as it were, magnetized by the wild birds’ great triangular formations, and they themselves attempt an awkward flight but fall within a few feet. When the wild birds come, the domestic birds are magnetized by their triangular formations in the sky, by their flight, by their freedom. The domestic birds are magnetized and they also attempt, of course, an awkward flight. The call of the wild has been aroused in the strongest way possible. There is some strange vestige in the domestic birds. Something has happened: something in their unconscious is suddenly aroused, something deep in their hearts is touched by the wild birds.

For a moment, the farm ducks are changed into migratory birds. In that little hard head of theirs where small images of tides, worms and ants whirl about, there appear continental distances; the thirst for the sea winds and the vast expanse of the oceans, and the duck staggers from left to right in his fenced-in enclosure, caught by this sudden passion, not knowing where it is taking him, and by his vast love of an object which is unknown to him.

‘Likewise man, gripped by evidence of something he is uncertain of, discovers this sudden truth of freedom. Just like the domestic duck, he is also unaware that his tiny head is large enough to contain oceans.’

Whenever a Jesus walks by, you may be a domestic duck, but there comes a wild bird. Suddenly something in you is touched. Suddenly you are no more the domestic bird, no more in bondage, no more a GRASTHA, no more a householder. For a moment you have also become a sannyasin. Just the presence of a Jesus or a Buddha, and something which has always been asleep in you is awakened. He has touched your being — and the deep desire for freedom, and a deep desire to move into the sky, to go in search of the unknown. This is trust. You cannot be certain of what has happened. You cannot be certain of what has touched your heart. You are uncertain, but this much is certain: that something was touched, and something which is so significant that you are ready to risk your whole life.

This is trust: the courage to risk your secure life for an unknown end. Nobody knows whether you will be able to reach or not. Nobody knows whether anybody has ever reached or not. But now, nothing matters. Now you are no more a calculator; now you take the jump. Now only this adventure has meaning, and nothing else; and you are ready to sacrifice everything for it.

This is what Jesus means when he says that he has loved his own in this world. You are my own. If I have touched your heart and released the desire, the utterly impossible desire to be free, if I have been a wild bird to you and I have broken the bondage of your domestic habits, and you are ready, even in an awkward way ready to fly, ready to try, then you are my own. Jesus says again and again,’Who is my family? — those who have understood me. Those who have recognized me, they are my brothers and sisters, they are my family.’ He loved them unto the end, and only a Jesus CAN love.

Source – Osho Book “Come Follow To You Vol 4″

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