[Osho asked the Hypnotherapy groupleader how the group had been. The groupleader replied: Well I’m never really content, but I’m happy.]

Osho – That’s good! Leaders should never be content, but should always be happy! If you become content you cannot help people, because only discontent brings creativity. Everybody is such an infinite possibility that at the most we touch only the boundary. Whatsoever is done is never satisfactory, because more was always possible. If you are not happy yourself, if you are in the same plight as others, you cannot help them; so you cannot become a leader if you are happy and contented.

In Buddhism there are two schools, one of which is mahayana, which means the great vehicle. The other school is hinayana, the small vehicle; a small boat that only one person can sit in. The school of the small vehicle used to say that it is not possible to help anybody, because the moment you become happy, you become contented – then who bothers? The Hinayanists have remained absolutely barren, because no creativity is possible – the moment you have achieved, it is the end! Your boat is ready and you go.

Mahayanists say that the vehicle is a big ship, and that one person can take many with him. But they say that before you become happy, you must have sown seeds of compassion; because if happiness comes before compassion then you will become contented. Compassion means discontent about others. Happiness means to be so contented with yourself that you can help others.

Buddha used to say to his disciples before each meditation, that whatsoever they achieved, they had to give to the people, offer to the world, and that the fruit of meditation should not become personal. Once you achieve it, you should distribute it immediately. Then you remain happy, tremendously happy, and at the same time tremendously discontent. That’s the beautiful rhythm. One of the most beautiful things is to be happy and discontent together.

Otherwise a person who is happy becomes uncreative. and a person who is unhappy can create, but his creation is going to be like a catharsis, a diseased creation. He can only throw his disease and illness into his creativity, but that is not going to help; rather it will hinder. So go on finding more ways to help people. And infinite possibilities are there. Each human being is just an opening of a space with no end. There comes no point where you can say that now the work is finished. The work of compassion is never finished.

Source: from Osho Darshan Diary Book “Hammer on the Rock”

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