[Another sannyasin who had lead the group said he was feeling apprehensive about taking groups in the States.]

Osho – Always remember that you are a vehicle to me. So don’t be worried; simply allow me to function through you, and then things will happen of their own accord. Just allow.

If you take it as a burden on your own, you become self-conscious, and that creates a worry. One hesitates, and that hesitation always creates a bad vibration, mm? When you are leading a group, if you hesitate the whole group will hesitate. But it is natural – if you are carrying the whole burden on your shoulders. So just leave it to me!

Whenever you feel that there is some problem that you cannot solve, tell the group to be silent for a few minutes, close your eyes, and remember me. Then open your eyes and start working, and immediately you will feel a change of energy, mm? Good!

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