Osho on Hypnosis and Meditation

[A new sannyasin says: I am a therapist, a child therapist… Also working with brain- children and using hypnosis.]

Osho – Hypnosis has many possibilities and more people should be working in that direction. has not been yet taken seriously, and it is one of the very fundamental things which can innermost core of all problems and of all solutions.

The whole western psychology has gone away from hypnosis. In fact psychoanalysis under hypnosis. Freud had gone to learn hypnosis, and then by and by he started from it. So psychoanalysis has been going away from hypnosis. It has done much very significant thing has been lost in the process, and people have to come back.

So work harder on hypnosis. Because the work that can be done through psychoanalysis four years, can be done in three or four weeks in hypnosis… and sometimes there are cannot be done by any psychoanalytic methods and can be only done by hypnosis. Hypnosis can go so deep that you can help the person to remember not only about this life but about past lives. That has to be worked out. Work hard in that direction….

One life is not enough because one life is a very fragmentary thing. Unless you know the whole connection, unless you know the whole series, to decide anything about life is going to be very fragmentary. It is almost as if you tear a page out of a book and read it and decide about the whole book according to that one page – that is foolish!

Unless we know the whole interconnection of the past…. First hypnosis has to go deeper into the past, and once hypnotic techniques have become capable enough to enter into the past, then there is a possibility to enter into the future too. But that is possible only when the past has been well mapped-out, planned, measured.

Then the same techniques can be moved towards the future. And when we know the past and the future, only then can we know exactly where we are and what we are doing. Only then can we know the meaning of life – never before it. We can philosophise, speculate – but speculations are just speculations. They don’t really matter much – they are irrelevant. And hypnosis can go both ways.

First the past has to be penetrated and then the same techniques can be used for the future. And once a person becomes capable of going into the past he becomes automatically capable of going into the future, because the process is the same. It seems impossible to enter into the future first, because the very thing seems inconceivable. We think the future is that which is not – that’s not true.

Almost ninety-nine percent of the future is already there. Only one percent of the future is not there, and that one percent of the future very rare people touch. That is the phenomenon of enlightenment. That is not in the future. That cannot be predicted – that is the only unpredictable element. There is no prediction about when a person will become a buddha – that is not part of the future.

Otherwise, the future is as mechanical as the past. It is just the continuity of the past. So ordinarily everything about the past and the future of a mechanical man can be known. about a buddha’s past everything can be known. Only one thing – if he is going to become a buddha – cannot be known about the future. Or, if somebody has become a buddha, then you don’t know anything about his future – because his future is freedom. Now he doesn’t exist in time, so there is no reflection in time. And hypnosis cannot penetrate into eternity – there hypnosis is impotent. There meditation enters.

Hypnosis is a horizontal method. It goes into the past, it goes into the future. It will cover the whole ground. Meditation is a vertical hypnosis – it goes from depth into more depth and into height. It does not move on the horizontal plane. And hypnosis and meditation together is the meaning of the cross, the christian cross – the horizontal and vertical.

A man has to spread himself in both. One has to rise in consciousness vertically, and one has to penetrate all the stuff of the mind – of the past and of the future. The mind is past and future, and consciousness is vertical. Hell and heaven, the lowest and the highest – that is in the consciousness. And this consciousness cuts every moment of the horizontal and there it becomes a cross. Eternity enters into time every moment, vertically.

First hypnosis has to travel into the past. That is easier, more believable, because we think that the past has happened so we can remember it. Once it has happened, then it becomes believable to enter the future. Once that too has happened, then it becomes believable to turn vertical and enter into height and depth. Meditation is hypnosis in the vertical dimension, and hypnosis is meditation in the horizontal dimension. Work at it deeply!

Source: from Osho Book “The Buddha Disease”

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