Osho – A bartender at a very posh gentlemen’s club was on duty when a distinguished gentleman seated himself at the bar, but made no attempt to order a drink. The bartender inquired what the gentleman would have, but the man replied that he was not drinking because he had tried liquor once and had not liked it.
The bartender hated to see the man just sitting there, so tried offering him a cigar. “No, thank you,” was his firm reply. “I tried a cigar once, but I did not like it.”
The bartender persisted in trying to make the customer comfortable, so he suggested that perhaps if he stepped into the billiard room he might find a friendly game of cards to sit in on. “Ah no,” he replied, “I did gamble once, and did not care for it at all. I will just sit here, if you don’t mind. You see, I am waiting for my son.”
“Ah,” replied the bartender sympathetically, “your only child I assume.”

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