Osho – A man enters a modern Chicago whorehouse-nightclub run by the gangland syndicate which is now planning to streamline its image. The whorehouse takes up various floors of a skyscraper hotel, and he is received by a lovely young receptionist in a sexy uniform, who sits him at a teakwood interview desk and asks how much money he wants to spend. She explains that prices range from five dollars up to one thousand dollars, depending on the quality and number of girls wanted.

Everything is shown on the television intercom. The higher prices are for the lower floors, which have higher ceilings, mirrors over the beds, three and four girls in bed with you at one time, etcetera. Lower prices are for lesser delights, ending with five dollars for a “coal-black nigger mammy with big nostrils,” as the lovely young receptionist explains.
The client thinks it over. “Haven’t you anything cheaper than five?” he asks at last.
“Of course,” says the receptionist. “Seventh floor — roof garden. One dollar a shot. Self-service.”

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