A woman with a baby, next in line in the crowded anteroom of a station of the Infant Welfare Society, was shown into the doctor’s office by the nurse in charge.
The doctor examined the baby, and then asked the woman, “Is he breast-fed or bottle-fed?”
“Breast-fed,” she replied.
“Strip down to you waist,” he ordered. She did, and he examined her. He pressed each breast, increasing and decreasing pressure. He squeezed and pulled on each nipple. Suddenly he remarked, “No wonder this child is suffering from malnutrition — you don’t have any milk.”
“Naturally,” she replied. “I am his aunt. But I’m glad I came.”

If you go on repressing things, then on the surface you may look like a saint, but only on the surface. It is better to be a sinner on the surface and a saint in the center than vice versa.

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