Osho – Two young men were pacing up and down in the corridor of a maternity home. The one said to the other, “You look so worried, what is the matter?”
He said, “Worried? I am in a mess! This is my vacation and this is the time my wife has chosen to give birth to a child. My whole vacation is destroyed.”
The other said, “Hoo! That’s nothing, this is my honeymoon! And my wife is giving birth to a child. I should be worried, not you!”

A young man was asking the doctor, “Does it happen often? My wife is giving birth to a child and we have been married only seven months.”
The doctor must have been a wise old man, that type of doctor has disappeared. Now there are specialists, the ENT specialist and the dental surgeon; and somebody knows about one part and somebody else knows about another part and nobody knows about the whole man. The old physician was a wise man.
The old man said, “Yes, the first time it often happens, but never again.”

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