Osho on life is insecure

Osho – Life is basically insecure. Only death is secure. Life insurance is a contradiction in terms; there can be only death insurance. Life is an adventure, unpredictable. Hence one has to live it arduously. Life is dangerous; only death is safe. So the people who want to live safely die before their death, and the people who want to live without any danger don’t live at all.

Life means danger, life means risk. Life means going always from the known to the unknown, from one peak to another peak, always climbing peaks which have not been climbed before, always moving into the uncharted sea with no maps, with no guidelines. Only then you live ecstatically, and only then you know what life is.

Through living dangerously one becomes integrated. Through living a life of insecurity one passes through fire and becomes pure gold. The only way to become a master of oneself is to go into the unknown, unafraid or in spite of all the fears. Buddha invites you for an arduous life. That’s what sannyas is all about.

One thought on “Osho – Life is basically insecure. Only death is secure”
  1. Listening to Osho is my life till now…
    Where it will take me in this lifes Journey will be Great opportunity from life to my being…


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