Osho Websites and Blogs

Osho Related Websites and blogs

  1. www.oshorajneesh.net
    website of osho enlightened disciple swami rajneesh
  2. www.oshorajneesh.com
    swami rajneesh website sharing osho books, music, songs, silver platter and osho photos
  3. www.oshoquotes.net
    website sharing osho quotes and sayings
  4. www.oshomeditations.com
    site sharing osho meditation techniques and meditation talks
  5. http://www.oshophotos.com/
    Site shares Osho Photos of Different times
  6. http://www.osho-tv.com/
    Osho Discourses on TV
  7. http://www.otoons.com/
    Osho Site covering fun, cartoons etc- shares lot of Osho quotes too
  8. http://www.satrakshita.com/
    Best Informative Site on Osho. Shares Osho Text Discourses, Quotes and extensive information about Osho websites, Sannyasins and Work. If you want extensive information on Osho then do visit this site
  9. http://www.sannyasworld.com/
    Osho Sannyas world News, articles and Lot more – Good SIte to keep updated
    about Sannyas activity
  10. http://www.sannyasnews.com/
    One more good site to stay updated about Osho Sannyas World
  11. http://www.rebelliousspirit.com/ Information about Osho Sannays activities, Extensive List of Osho Websites and Osho related announcements
  12. http://www.oshoviha.org/
    Sells Osho Books, DVD, Audio Discourses ande rare books too
  13. http://www.oshohereandnow.com/
    Sister Site of OshoViha (For Online Shopping)
  14. http://www.activemeditation.com/
    Website of Ma Maneesha – focusing on Active Meditation
  15. http://www.oshonisarga.com/
    Website of Ma Neelam – shares information about Meditation center in Nisarga (India)
  16. http://osholinks.com/
    PHP Software based Website dedicated to collect information about Osho Sannyasins, Centers and websites. Do add your information there. this data is Searchable
  17. http://www.zouddha.com/
    A Big project of Nirman – Shares Video Interviews with Prominent Osho Sannyasins, Forum and lot more. Colorful website. worth a visit
  18. http://www.baytalhaq.com/
    Arabian Website dedicated to Osho Discourses – doing wonderful work
  19. Sarlo Osho Links
    Extensive List of Sarlo on Osho Links. Sarlo has compiled a List of Osho Books too which is published in his Website
  20. http://www.messagefrommasters.com/Life_of_Masters/Osho/Osho.htm
    Free Osho Books, Discourses and Meditation techniques

WebBlogs on Osho

  1. http://oshospeak.blogspot.com/
    Popular WebBlog of Keyur on Osho Teachings
  2. http://oshocanada.over-blog.com/
    WebBlog shares Osho Teachings, Information and news
  3. http://ods.blogfa.com/
    Iranian weblog on Osho in Persian Language, Shares Osho Life, English books, picture, Persian (farsi) books and translate words.

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4 thoughts on “Osho Websites and Blogs – Websites on Osho discourses and talks”
  1. Hey great, this has been a brilliant help to me, I have had some really strange annoyances in my private life recently and it is funny how little things can really pick you back up or make you lose focus on the rubbish stuff and get working on the other things in life. Anyway thank you.

  2. kuch years se mein unknown depression se suffer kar rahi hu lakin jab meine osho k barin me jana to mujhe laga k yah god ki margi hai sir me bahut pareshan hu or now i want to meat god plz suggest me now i m in very darkness mein 10 tarikh ko first lable or sammohan pragya karne murthal ja rahi hu

  3. i m in very darkness(unknown depression)but i read about osho i know that it is gods plan sir me first lable or sammohan pragya karne 10 tarikh ko murthal ja rahi hu sir plz suggest me now that me sahi ho jaungi na i m very disturbed.

  4. appreciate you making so much of Osho’s teachings available for free.Many of my poor patients are doing the meditations who would not have done so if they had to pay $15 each fore them .Check out the website and put it on y9ur list/

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