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Osho – Love can arise only in the climate of trust. When you are full of doubts love is impossible. Doubt belongs to the mind and trust belongs to the heart. Being full of doubts mean s you are full of mind, and there is no space for the heart to grow. Being full of trust means you have emptied yourself of the mind, its doubts, and questions; then there is enough space for the heart to grow.

And remember one fundamental law of life, that the gross is stronger than the subtle, that the lower is stronger than the higher — stronger in the sense that it has more destructive power. The higher is stronger in a totally different sense; it has more creative force but it is not destructive. Mind is a gross phenomenon. Heart is subtle, delicate, soft, feminine. Mind is male, aggressive, ambitious, destructive; mind has not created anything.

All that has been created — great poetry, great music, great paintings — all belongs to the heart. And love is the highest creation of the heart, but for that rose to grow you have to pull out all the weeds. Weeds are very strong people. They grow on their own — that is the first thing — you need not sow Roses don’t grow on their own; you have to plant them and protect them — they are delicate people. And if you leave it to nature then the roses will be crushed, destroyed. and the weeds will overpower everything. The same is true about the inner world.

A priest was passing by and he saw a gardener working in his garden. Such beautiful roses had blossomed that the priest stopped to have a look and talk to the gardener. He said ‘God and man together can create so much.’ The gardener laughed and said ‘You should have come before when god alone was growing this garden — then there was not a single rose, there were all weeds.’ The gardener said ‘It is not co-operation with god; in fact I have been fighting against god! He was growing weeds and I am growing roses, and he still insists on growing weeds. It is a continuous struggle.’ And he was right!

The higher has to fight against the lower, but the fight has to be very intelligent otherwise the lower will crush it. Love has to be not only love but meditative love; then love has a tremendous intelligence, then it is not insane, it is the highest form of sanity. And then it knows how to protect itself, how to prevent doubts growing around it, how to prevent the mind from encroaching on the territory of the inner being.

It is only through meditation that love becomes capable of winning the battle — between the mind and the heart, between doubt and trust, between logic and love. But if one is courageous enough one can drop the doubts. One can uproot all the weeds. That’s the work a sannyasin has to do: uprooting the weeds of doubt and merging and molting into trust, surrender, into a deep and total yes. In that climate love blossoms. That climate functions like the spring and suddenly one’s whole life is full of roses.

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