Osho on Love and Creativity

Osho – If you are in love you are naturally, spontaneously, creative; if you are not in love you are not only uncreative, you become destructive.

Millions of people live without love; hence there is so much destruction in the world, so much anger, violence, hatred. Very rarely do you come across a person who is really creative. Even people who are known as creators are not real creators. Out of one hundred poets, ninety-nine are not really creators… composers maybe, but not creators. Maybe they are clever with words, able to arrange words in rhythms, but they are not creative.

Creativity means that you become a vehicle to God. You are no more there. God functions through you. You allow him space to function — that’s what creativity is. When something starts flowing through you which comes from the above, from the beyond, which you cannot claim as your own, then you are creative. But the door to the beyond only opens in love. Then the whole sky is yours and all the stars start dancing in you.

Love deeply. It is not a question of relationship. Love is a way of life. Be loving — to the trees, to the animals, to the birds, to the rocks, to the pebble. It is not a question of to whom, it is a question of your heart throbbing with love. It has nothing to do with the object of love but with the subjectivity of love.

Then suddenly you have the Midas touch: whatsoever you touch becomes golden. Small things in your hands become extraordinarily beautiful. Your actions, ordinary actions, start having the quality of the extraordinary. Then whatsoever you say is poetry and whatsoever you live is music. Even while you are asleep your energy is in a celebration.

Love is my fundamental approach towards life. If life can be looked at through the eyes of love, life disappears and God is found. If life is looked at through the eyes of logic, even life disappears and there is only matter left. These are three possibilities: through logic the world becomes just matter; through love it becomes divine, it becomes consciousness; and between the two, it is life, a little bit of matter and a little bit of consciousness, because we are in a state of hesitation, divided.

It is because we are divided that life is divided in two: matter and mind. It is our division reflected by life, echoed by life. When we are undivided… and there are two ways to be undivided: either be undivided through logic… but then you will miss all that is beautiful, then life becomes very grey; it loses all color and all joy. It is all matter, and matter is meaningless. Matter can’t have any meaning. Meaning needs consciousness. Look through love and matter disappears and we are living in an ocean of consciousness. With that vision, oceanic joy arises in you — unbounded, infinite. Out of that joy is creativity.

Source – Osho Book “Source – Osho Book “Even Bein’ Gawd Ain’t A Bed of Roses”

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