Osho on Love and Attachment

Osho – Love can only be oceanic; it cannot be small. It cannot be small because it cannot be a closed phenomenon. It is an open, wide sky. Love knows no limitations.

Love is not attachment. Love is not possessiveness. When love becomes possessive and love becomes attachment it is no more love; it is simply a corpse. The bird has flown; now you are only carrying an empty cage, howsoever decorated. It may be golden, studded with diamonds, but the bird is no more there, the song is no more there.

This is one of the most fundamental qualities of love: it is always greater than the lover and the beloved. It is greater than you. You disappear in it. It is not like a thing that you can manipulate; it is a mystery in which you are lost. You become a drop; it is the ocean. And great courage is needed for the drop to disappear into the ocean. To know love and its oceanic experience is to know God. God is nothing else but love in its ultimate flowering.

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