Osho on Conscious Love

Osho – Let love become more and more conscious. When it is unconscious it remains entangled with sexuality. Nothing is wrong in sexuality but that is the lowest form of love, the first rung of the ladder. It is good in itself but to remain confined to it is not to grow: there are higher rungs in the ladder. The ladder reaches to the ultimate and sex is the first rung. Use it to go beyond it.

Love should be more conscious. When it is conscious it is less sexual. I am not saying that there will be no sex: sex will be there but it will not be sexual. It will be pure sensuality; that is a totally different phenomenon. It will be sheer joy, sensitivity, but there will be no sexual mind behind it.

You will not be thinking about sex, there will be no cerebral sex in it no head sex in it. It will be a simple sharing of energies. So these three things to be remembered; then love, slowly slowly, becomes light.

Source: from Osho Book “Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast”

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