Osho - Love is the last stage of sannyas

Osho – Prem means love and arudha is the last stage of sannyas, the perfect renunciation, where one transcends all disciplines, where one goes beyond all rules, where one follows no code, where one lives absolutely spontaneously, where one lives moment to moment not thinking of the consequences at all. That is the last stage of sannyas, renunciation.

And to me love is the last stage of sannyas because love also knows no laws, no rules. Love is beyond rules, beyond laws, beyond disciplines, because it has its own discipline. It need not depend on any other external thing: it has its own inner order and there is no need for any other order.

We need an external order because we are lacking the internal: we need somebody else to discipline us because our innermost core is undisciplined. When the inner discipline is born then one can simply throw all external discipline; there is no need for it. It is as if a cripple walks on crutches, then one day he is touched by a miracle.

He is healed and he throws his crutches; now there is no need for them. There is a story in Jesus’ life…. He healed one man who was a cripple. When the man was healed he took his crutches and was trying to take them back home. Jesus called him, saying, ’Why are you carrying your crutches? Throw them because they are no more needed.’ Just out of old habit…

So when you become understanding there is no need for any discipline; your understanding is your discipline, your law. And love is that understanding. When you love, you cannot do wrong, it is impossible to do wrong. How can you do wrong?

When you don’t love, even if you think that you are doing good, you will not do good; even your good is going to prove poisonous. And when you love nothing can be poisonous… the very touch of love transforms poison into nectar.

Source: from Osho Book “The Zero Experience”

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