Osho Meditating On The Night

Osho – “Just be alone, sit silently, look into the darkness. Become one with the dark, disappear into it. Look at the stars — feel the distance, the silence, the emptiness, and use night for your meditation. Sitting in the bed doing nothing…just feeling. Many people are completely unaware of the beauties of the night…and night is tremendously beautiful. It is the right time for meditation.In yoga psychology we divide human consciousness into four stages.

First we call the waking state of consciousness, the day consciousness. You work, and you appear a little alert. And the second we call the dream consciousness. You are asleep, but dreams are running like a procession. The whole mind is in a traffic jam. Then the third state we call sleep, when dreams have stopped. And the fourth, we simply call the fourth, but it is closest to sleep. It is just like sleep with only one difference, and that is that one is alert in it. It is as silent, as deep as sleep, with just one plus — that one is alert. In sleep you are completely unconscious.

In samadhi, the fourth state, you are absolutely silent, yet aware.So night in the past has been used for meditation. The day is too worldly — the night is very spiritual. So start using the night more and more. By and by you will feel so tremendously in tune with night. By and by the whole world goes to sleep.

Everything stops — traffic stops, noises stop…the mundane world is over. People — their unconsciousnesses, their criminal attitudes — have all disappeared into sleep. The atmosphere is absolutely clean…no jarring note.So just start enjoying the beauty of the night and feel more and more for the night.”

Source: ” Dance Your Way to God, Chapter 19 ” – Osho

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