osho meditation music free download

osho enlightened disciple swami rajneesh website

 is offering osho discourses, osho photos, osho meditation music

and osho songs freely for download

link to download osho meditation music in mp3 format for free download

site offer free download of mp3 music for following osho meditations

osho dynamic meditation
osho kundalini meditation
osho nadabrahma meditation
osho whirling meditation
osho mandala meditation
osho gourishankar meditation
osho devavani meditation
osho chakra breathing meditation
osho chakra sound meditation

83 thoughts on “osho meditation music free download, osho mp3 meditation music download”
  1. Hi,

    I would like to take a number of your free Osho meditation music downloads and distribute within my organization, (massage therapists, reflexologists and natural therapists) (ie: re distribution). I could also include a link to your site for any members wanting more of your materials.

    I’d like your permissioan before proceeding with redistributing the free music.

    Thank you

  2. I am looking for audio of early talks from 1969-1974. Do you have any available or know where I can locate such?

  3. The above link to download is not working, it gives 404 error. Can you please send me the fresh link to download music for dynamic meditation. Thanks a lot

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