Osho Songs Free Download

osho songs are must in any osho gathering, camp or celebration event.

37 Osho Songs are freely available for download at
osho rajneesh site

few osho songs which are available for free download at the siteĀ are :

  1. higher and higher
  2. we are the people
  3. sweet sweet bhagwan
  4. touched by your beauty
  5. the feeling of your love, bhagwan
  6. yes bhagwan yes, drink from life
  7. one ordinary man has changed my life


i dont know any other site in internet which is sharing osho songs.
please write a comment below this post
if you come across any site sharing old osho songs freely.

10 thoughts on “Osho Songs Free Download, Osho MP3 Sannyas Songs Download”
  1. thanks for sharing this treasures with us.. i love onesong for osho and couldn’t find it on the web..
    if you can send to me…
    i’m drinking from your whine bhagwan

    thank you very much

  2. swami tahnkyou so much..i am so sad right now….this is of a tremendous help to me..i am truning my small house in the forest into an osho ashram……it will be ready in two or three months..will be enough room for 100 meditators or more love

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