Osho on Entering Sleep Consciously Meditation

Osho : The moment you are dropping into sleep is the moment to encounter the unconscious. You have been sleeping every day, but you have not encountered sleep yet. You have not seen it: what it is, how is comes, how to drop into it. You have not known anything about it. You have been going into sleep every night and awakening from sleep every morning, but you have not felt the moment when sleep comes, you have not felt what happens.

So try this experiment, and after three months, suddenly, one day, you will enter sleep knowingly. Drop on your bed, close your eyes, and then remember – remember! – that sleep is coming and you are to remain awake when it comes. This exercise is very arduous.

The first day it will not happen, the next day it will not happen, but if you persist every day, constantly remembering that sleep is coming and you are not to allow it to come without being aware of it – you must feel how sleep takes over, what it is – then one day sleep will be there and you will still be awake.

That very moment you become aware of your unconscious. And once you become aware of your unconscious, you will never be asleep again. Sleep will be there, but you will be awake; a center in you will go on knowing.

All around you there will be sleep and the center will go on knowing. When this center is knowing, dreams become impossible; and when dreams become impossible, daydreams also become impossible. Then you will be asleep in a different sense; a different quality happens because of the encounter.

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