Osho – Man’s search is for his real homeland. In this world man is a stranger, a foreigner; he lives a kind of uprooted life. Something essential is missing: he is missing the soil where he can grow his roots. His life remains an empty gesture. a constant occupation just so he remains occupied, so that he can forget, forget the longing for the homeland.

So from one sensation man goes to another sensation, and if he is left alone even for a few moments he is in a panic. Great anguish arises, because he immediately starts feeling the falsity of all that he calls life, the futility of all that he has been living, the phoniness of all that he is. So nobody wants to be left alone. Nobody wants any quiet, silent moments to ponder on one’s own being, because the moment one is alone, fear arises.

You start seeing that all that you think is valuable is just rubbish, that all your friendships are superficial, that all your so-called loves are not love at all – maybe something else masquerading as love. Sometimes even hate masquerades as love; because love cannot be dominating, love cannot be possessive. These are the qualities of hate!

Love gives freedom: hate cripples, destroys. The so-called love that we live and think is love is not really love. Hate is labelled as love, poison is labelled as nectar, and we believe in the label and we forget about the content. Whenever one is left alone, in solitude, all these things become so clear, so obvious, that naturally one starts feeling that one’s world is falling apart, disappearing; great panic is bound to arise.

One is falling into an abyss! You immediately turn the TV on, you start reading the same newspaper that you have read twice since the morning. You start searching for some new occupation or some new entertainment or some new intoxicant. But nothing really helps. Unless one really searches for one’s own being nothing ever helps.

Source: from Osho Book “Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot”

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