Osho – A small lamp has to burn, has to be kindled, in the heart. The heart has all the potential to become light. We have not tried, we have not worked on the heart; otherwise it start radiating, glowing, it becomes aflame. All that has been so much of a problem simply disappears. One need not fight with greed, anger, possessiveness, jealousy, one need not fight. And those who fight with them will never conquer: they are fighting with darkness.

You cannot fight with darkness you will be defeated. All that is needed is to bring a light in. And this is something very strange, that the light is already there, just a little cleansing is needed. The light is there; it is only that the glass of the lamp is dark, it has not been cleaned for centuries. Clean the glass and the light is burning. That is your life – it has to be there. You are alive, so light is there. You are alive, so consciousness is there, hiddenbehind a dark glass.

All meditation is nothing but cleansing the glass. Slowly slowly the light start coming out, slowly slowly the darkness is gone, and with darkness, all those problems. Modern psychology tries to solve each single problem. That is meaningless. A single stroke and all the problems disappear, and that stroke is meditation.

So never be concerned with individual problems; just a single experience is enough to destroy them all. Otherwise, if you struggle with anger you may succeed in conquering it, but then anger will start flowing in some other direction, from somewhere else. Unless meditation happens, nothing happens. So that has to be kept in mind.

Source: from Osho Book “Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot”

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