[A visitor says: Please tell me who I am.]

Osho – Mm mm…. My telling you won’t help; you will have to come upon it yourself. Others have been telling you, that is the problem. Your father has told you ’This is what you are’; your mother has told you ’This is what you are.’ Your teachers and the priests and the politicians have told you. The whole world has been telling you who you are; that’s why you are confused.

Because of so many voices and so many people and so many ideas, you are lost in them. I am not going to tell you who you are. I’m going to tell you how you can find who you are. You will have to come to it. You will have to be completely nude of all opinions of others. That is the problem, that others are heavy on the head, that they go on injecting their opinions and ideologies and philosophies. All that has to be burned.

You have to start as if you are the first man. You are Adam and you don’t know who you are. You have to search for it, you have to find it and things will be very easy. Never ask anybody ’Who am I?’ It has to be asked inside your being. Ask there ’Who am I?’ Others will be answering from your head, from your memory. Somebody will say ’You are a Christian’ and somebody will say ’This is your name’ and somebody will say ’You are a man, a young man, a German, a Hindu, or a Chinese.

Throw out all those answers; those are false answers. Any answers given by anybody are false. You have to find your own answer; only that will be the truth. Truth cannot be borrowed, it cannot be transferred, it cannot be a gift from anybody to you. You have to dig for it inside your being. I can help you to dig! I can give you methods to dig but I cannot give you the answer. That will be inimical to you, that will be destructive.

Do three, four groups more, and the answer will come but don’t wait for it to come from the outside; it has to come from the inside. So listen more and more, get attuned more and more to your inner being.

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