Osho on Anger and Creativity

[A sannyasin says he never knows what to do with his anger. He has done many groups, but it still comes up.]

Osho – And do you think it is always anger or does something else hide behind it?…

It is not really anger. Only on the surface does it look like anger. Deep in your being you are so full of energy that you don’t know what to do with it; that’s why it takes the form of anger. You have great creative potential. It is creative energy which is not being rightly used; it becomes sour.

So you cannot change it by doing anything with anger. You can do Encounter and you can go into anger and you may enjoy it a little bit, a little release will come, but within days it will be gone and you will be the same again. If it were just anger then Encounter would have helped you immensely. It appears like anger; it is not. Anger is a negative energy and you are suffering with positive energy.

When you don’t know what to do with it you become angry; then you find excuses, any excuse will do. Those excuses are not very important either but you have to find an excuse: that you are angry because of this. You find a rationale for your anger, because without a reason for the anger you will not be able to forgive yourself; you will think you are going crazy. And really you are sitting on a great energy which can become a great ecstasy.

Put your energies into creativity. Forget about anger as a problem, ignore it. Channelise your energy towards more creativity. Pour yourself into something that you love. Rather than making anger your problem, let creativity be your object of meditation. Shift from anger to creativity and immediately you will see a great change arising in you. And tomorrow the same things will not feel like excuses for being angry because now energy is moving, is channelised, is being sublimated, is enjoying itself, its dance. Who cares about small things?

Out of one hundred people suffering from anger, near about fifty percent suffer from too much creative energy which they have not been able to put into use. Their problem is not anger, but they will go on thinking for their whole life that their problem is anger. Once a problem is diagnosed rightly, half of it is already solved.

So jump into work here, now put your whole energies into work and do at least one meditation: either Music in the night or Kundalini. And for two, three months simply watch; enjoy your work, don’t avoid any work.

Whatsoever comes on the way, pour your whole energy into it as much as you can, don’t withhold. Within three months you will see that anger has simply shrunk. Sometimes there may be flare-ups but that is not a problem. Right now it is a constant thing there, and it is just boiling energy.┬áSo this is your home now, you have come home. Put yourself into work: the problem will be gone.

Source – Osho Book “Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast”

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