Osho on Confusions and Clarity

[A sannyasin, who is leaving for the West, says: When feelings and emotions come up out of me they don’t seem like just one thing; it is a confusion inside. I don’t know which emotion it is: it’s half of one thing and half of another. I don’t know if it’s something to be concerned about.]

Osho – No, no need to be concerned… no need to be concerned. Simply go on living. Live your confusion; don’t try to get out of it. If you try to get out of it you create more confusion. A confused mind cannot get out of confusion. If the mind tries to get out of confusion it will be like pulling yourself up by your shoelaces: it will create more confusion.

The only way is to accept it. Everybody is confused, otherwise all would have been Buddhas! The whole world is confused. Confusion is intrinsic to the human mind. The confusion has a very fundamental reason, there is an ontology to confusion. Man comes from the animals and man has to become god, that is the confusion. Half belongs to the world of the animals, the unconscious part, and the other half is trying to become conscious, absolutely conscious, hence the tension. Both go on trying to manipulate you, and you are never sure who you are – whether to go this way or to go that way. In being pulled between these two the confusion arises.

Don’t try to escape from it; live it. This is life; love it! Get deeper into it, and by getting deeper into it you will be surprised: your eyes are becoming more and more clear. As you look deeper into your confusion, it starts sorting itself out.

If one goes deeply into any problem one arrives at its solution. The solution is hidden in the problem; it is never outside. The problem is simply an indication that the solution is within you and you are not looking for it. So go into your confusion; allow it, watch it, see it. And don’t be in a hurry to get out of it, because whenever one is in a hurry to get out, one stops understanding. What is the point of understanding something which you want to drop? And you cannot drop it unless you have understood it; that’s the dichotomy. Try to understand it; in that very understanding, confusion disappears.

Clarity comes out of understanding your confusions and answers come by going deeper into your problems. Certainly one day it happens: all confusion is gone, all problems disappear, and you are left alone. The beauty of that aloneness is nirvana, is enlightenment. All remains as it is; only now between you and reality there are no more any clouds. Everything is the same – you are the same, the world is the same – it is just the something between the two, the confusion, that cloud, is no more there.

Look deep into your confusion. Don’t be worried about it, don’t be concerned about it, because concern means that you are getting ready to escape from it. Hence people create devices; they repress it, they avoid it, they don’t look at it or they start distracting their mind through some other channels. But all these things are not going to help, they will make you more and more confused. If you want to avoid one confusion you will create another; to avoid that you will create another. Don’t avoid the first one: go into it, watch it, let it be your meditation. If it is there, there must be some significance, because nothing exists without any significance.

By and by you will feel thankful for it, because looking into it you will become clear, more meditative, more alert, more aware. Then finally you will thank your confusion, that it helped you, that it was an opportunity to grow into awareness. It was just an opportunity knocking on your door to help you to grow into awareness.

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing”

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