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[A new sannyasin from America, says that she gets high meditating but now and then she slips back into drug-taking. Osho says that drug-taking and meditation are polar opposites though they may appear to be similar.]

Osho – The drug experience is a forced, phony experience, but because we don’t know the real, the phony seems to be right. If you have not seen the real, then even the phony is too much. If you compare your life with an ordinary man who has never taken anything like LSD, marijuana, then you feel very high – if you compare it with an ordinary man. Because he has not known any moment, he has not even had a false glimpse; he lives such a mundane life.

You have lived the same mundane life – then one day this drug creates a dream, gives you a euphoria, and you are tremendously happy. But once meditation can give you an experience, then you will see that this experience was just a dream experience. It is as if you have been thirsty and drinking in a dream from a pool of water, a pure pool of water… but in a dream. By the morning you are awake and thirsty again – it has not helped. Of course it was so clear and so cool and it had looked, for that moment at least, as if you would never be thirsty again.

But if you go on meddling sometimes with meditation and sometimes with drugs – the problem is that drugs can slowly slowly destroy your capacities to meditate. Otherwise there is nothing in it…. If it is to be an ordinary straight life, then drugs are perfectly okay. But if you are really interested in meditation, then drugs are dangerous. The drug is not dangerous for the people who think it is dangerous.
The so-called common people think drugs are dangerous – it is not dangerous for them at all because they have nothing to lose, they have nothing to be destroyed! But if you are really interested in search and you want to grow, then drugs are dangerous. Drugs are not dangerous for politicians – drugs are dangerous for the religious people because something delicate arises out of meditation. It is very delicate and it comes out of much effort.

Just a small quantity of a drug and it is destroyed and you will have to start again from abc. The drug experience is so cheap and the meditation experience is so costly, because you have to go through such effort. Then by and by the mind starts choosing the cheaper one. Mm? it is the path of least resistance, so the mind says ’Why bother?’ The drug can give you something so easily, then why bother with vipassana – sitting and meditating and struggling hard? Why not the easier way?

The mind is always for the short-cut, and the short-cut is always false. As far as the spiritual growth is concerned there is no short-cut. You cannot cheat… there is no back door. Each has to follow the arduous way. In fact the real beauty of the peak depends on how hard your struggle has been. When you struggle hard and you lose the track many times – many times even the peak disappears and you are again in the dark valley, again you struggle and again you fall and again you move – this whole effort creates that situation where when the real experience happens, you are in a tremendous bliss. If you are suddenly dropped on that peak by some helicopter, there will be no joy, there will be no joy at all.

source: from Osho Book “This Is It”

5 thoughts on “Osho on Drug Use – Drugs can slowly slowly destroy your capacities to Meditate”
  1. Yea drugs . these dirty chemicals. war of the chemicals. good vs bad chemicals.
    nothing to loose . nothing to gain. meditation is false. its a false process. its just another mind game.there is no lasting and real happiness. happiness , peace , god, enlightenment bla bla bla ….delusion

    1. just look at your life…. its empty… it seems that you dont know anything about meditation…. and only 3rd class people can comment like you… so my suggestion to you is stay out of meditation and drugs…. you are clearly commenting without any experience … you were born innocent but you will die doing nothing…

  2. Osho is telling the truth, and for that reason, I know that people will not like hearing what he says here and they will reject it. I have been a drug addict for 17 years. I have tried everything from shooting up heroin, taking LSD, cocaine, benzopines, marijuana, MDMA, alcohol, you name it, there is no intoxicant I have not tried. But on the night of March 19th 2012 I had my first glimpse of the beyond…something truly incredible and profound, that now I am on my way and all these drugs fail utterly in comparison to what can be acheived through meditation and what lies waiting, nothing can shake that and no doubt can enter my being. As Osho has said many times before “Truth needs no belief, let me remind you truth needs no belief”.

    Since that mini awakening there have been a few times were I have fallen for a smoke of marijuana or a small drink, but have felt a disturbance in my consciousness afterwards. It has now been months since I have touched anything, even having quit smoking ciggarettes and my diet has completely changed. I can no longer even drink a tiny amount of alcohol now as it disurbs my awareness and makes me feel off balance and off centre and affects my pranic energy and subtle bodies. My friends cannot understand what has happened. I see them struggling with their addictions. I want to help them, but I realise I cannot and the last thing I want to do is preach to them as to how they should live their lives because I know how much the ego likes to protect itself and be defensive and react to anything with a defiant stubborness or rebelliousness, and that is understandable, because I have been where they are.

    I truly feel if my friends and others struggling with addiction were given a glimpse (the experience of vibrations of the 7th chakra opening) then it would set them on the authentic search too, and they would know without a shred of doubt that there is something more! They have nothing yet to compare the drug experience with, they still think that it is the highest experience man can attain to, they are yet to truly experience “bliss”.

    I personally attest to all those reading this, that there is something beyond, something so incredible that words cannot even capture it, and I am liable to be thought of a mad man just for stating it. I don’t regret my drug past for I could not have arrived at where I am today, however I am eternally grateful for that glimpse. I think everything happens at the right time. If your reading this and struggling with addiction and feel a connection to Osho than keep going with an iron will, keep reading him whatever the cost, keep practicing, let him destroy your ego through his words, and I promise that sometime something incredible will happen to your being when the time is right. If it happened to me, of all people (a lost cause), than it can happen to you too. A smidgen of faith and trust in the master will get you there, that’s enough to set you on your way!

    May all beings find peace and their true nature. Namaste! 🙂

  3. i see how drugs can effect you now if you want a complete conscious mind and even with weed which i have now decided i will stop smoking because i went back and forth trying to figure out if it is good or not ..now i know that it is good medicinally but not for someone going on the path i want to go on. the one thing that i probably wont get an answer for but am really confused about it dmt… dmt cannot be bad for meditation or meditation purposes because i see meditation as something to get us off samsara and the illusions of life and dmt does just that …plus dmt is in our bodies so i dont see how we could be hurt by it .. i do see that if someone were to become dependent on it would be bad but to try it once i dont see any harm in it but i have not done it but have heard alot about it

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