Osho on Full Moon Night

Osho : Existence is interconnected so deeply, so intimately… but the distances are vast. On the full moon night you see the ocean — it is affected by the full moon, hand in hand, but the moon is far away. And it is not only the ocean that is affected; even you are affected, because eighty percent in you is ocean water.

It is not strange that the people who have become enlightened — only with one exception, Mahavira — have all become enlightened on the full moon day. Mahavira became enlightened on the night of amawas — no moon in the night, total darkness. It is because of this fact he is called Mahavira. That is not his name. Mahavira means the great warrior, going against the current — and not only going against the current but achieving it.

Gautam Buddha became enlightened on the day of the full moon. Gautam Buddha’s whole life is connected with the full moon: he was born on a full moon night, he became enlightened on the full moon night, he died on the full moon night. This cannot be just coincidence.

And now psychologists have been studying the effects of the full moon on the human psyche, and the results are staggering. On the full moon night more people go mad than any other night, the number is almost double. More people commit suicide — again, the number is almost double. More people commit murder, and again the number is almost double. The full moon night does something to the human psyche.

The full moon is so far away — but not so far away; it affects you. Since the very beginning it has been affecting the poets, the painters, the sculptors, the musicians, the dancers. They all feel that something is different under the full moon, that perhaps the rays of the full moon are hand in hand….

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