Osho on Buddha Sutra

Osho – Buddha says: Don’t be too much concerned with this shore; it is momentary. Tomorrow you have to go. Even seventy years is not a long time; compared to eternity it is just a moment. Your life lasts only as long as a soap bubble. You THINK it is long enough — seventy years — because you compare your life with the life of flies or mosquitoes; then it looks long enough.

But ask the mosquitoes and they think they are doing perfectly well: they are doing everything that you are doing and in a short span. They are born, they fall in love, they get married, they have children — and many more than you can ever have — and they sing and they dance. Maybe they have their own religion and priests and politicians. And then they become old and then they die.

Maybe it lasts only for a few weeks, but in those few weeks they have done everything! There are insects that will live only for a few hours, but in those few hours is condensed your whole life: boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, and all the fights…. I have heard they go even to marriage counselors, they consult sexologists!

One woman had a cat and the cat was creating much trouble in the neighborhood. He was a playboy and the whole night he was going from this house to that, and they were making so much noise — because cats don’t believe in making love silently. They are not Hindus, not Indians! They are all hippies!

So the whole neighborhood told the woman, “Do something. It’s too much — we can’t sleep! This lovemaking of your cat — he’s driving us mad!”

Finally the woman took her cat to the vet and he was operated on. But the neighborhood was in as much trouble as before.
People asked the woman, “What is the matter? What kind of operation is this? Your cat has been operated on, you say, but we still see him coming.”

The woman said, “Yes, he still goes — now as a consultant.”

Time does not matter. In a few hours you can live seventy years or seven hundred years in a condensed way. Into seven minutes seventy years can be condensed. And seven minutes look very small compared to seventy years, but what are seventy years compared to the age of the sun or the moon or the earth or the stars? And what are seventy years compared to eternity?

This shore consists of momentary phenomena. Don’t waste your total energy in that which is momentary. Go on remembering the other shore. By “the other shore” Buddha means that which is beyond time and beyond space. This shore is outside you and the other shore is within you. This shore consists of money, sex, power, prestige, and that shore consists only of awareness, silence, peace, prayer.

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