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Osho – Anand means bliss or blissful, and sugatta is a name of buddha. Literally it means well gone, because in india we call those people well-gone who are not going to come back again, who are gone forever. They have gone so well that they will not be returning. It is a beautiful term, very significant.

In the east the world is taken as a place of learning. One has to experience the truth of life. Unless you experience it, you are thrown back again and again into the world. It is just as if somebody studies in the university and goes on failing so he has to come back again and again to the same class. Once you have passed, you don’t return to the university. The world is taken as a school, as a training, as a discipline for something beyond. Once you have learned the art of how to be, there is no need for you to come back. A person who has gone in such a way that he will not be coming back, is called sugatta; well-gone, gone forever.

So become a sugatta. Experience life as deeply, as totally as possible. Never be afraid of any experience, because fear is the only cause which delays. If you don’t experience something, then somewhere deep down inside, you will continue to cling to it. Unless you experience it totally, you cannot be finished with it. So whatsoever it is, go into it as deeply as possible, so if there is something in it, you learn it. If there is nothing in it, you learn that there is nothing in it.

But either way you are benefited. Don’t go into any experience unaware, because if you go unaware, you will go again and again, and you will not learn anything. It is as if somebody goes into the university drunk. Many things will go on happening, but he is drunk and he cannot understand what is happening. He comes back, again misses. He comes back, and again misses. So don’t be drunk. This drunkenness comes by attachment. Drunkenness comes by ego. Drunkenness comes by greed, ambition, but the root cause is always unawareness. So become more aware and experience whatsoever life makes available. Don’t say no. Say yes and go into it.

If it has something, it will deliver. If it has nothing to give you, you will come out of it completely freed – at least from that dimension. Now it will not have any attraction for you; it is finished. By and by, in this way, one goes on finishing in every direction of life. Then one day suddenly, this whole life is simply known as futile, just a vicious circle leading nowhere; one goes on in circles.

In the east we call the world the wheel. It is like a wheel; the spokes go on changing, one goes up, another comes down. If you look at the spokes, you may think that something is changing, but if you look at the whole wheel, you know that nothing is changing. It is the same wheel going round and round and round.

Become aware so that you can see the whole wheel of life going round and round and round – the same anger, the same greed, the same sex, the same conflict. One goes on repeating it. I’m not saying don’t go into it. I’m saying if you have to go, you have to go – but go alert. If there is something, then go strongly into it. If there is nothing, then be still….

Source – Osho Book “Dance Your Way to God”

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