Osho on Love and God

Osho – Prem means love and nadam means the subtlest sound; the sound of love. It is the most subtle sound. You can hear it only when you are very very receptive. The ears won’t be of much help. Unless your heart listens to it, you cannot listen. It is continuously present. The whole life is nothing but a vibrating love energy – Call it god, but basically it is a vibration of love energy.

You cannot find a man who is not, deep down, in need of love and who is not, deep down, in need of being needed for love. One may not be capable, but the desire exists. One may fail, but the urge exists. Love seems to be the most common phenomenon. The man may be foolish or wise, beautiful or ugly, black or white, a criminal or a saint, poor or rich, a beggar or an emperor – it makes no difference. Love seems to be the most characteristic quality of human beings.

We are created out of love, and our climax is going to be only through love. And this is not true only of human beings – it is true about the whole existence. First you have to understand human beings… their tremendous need of love, their tremendous urge to love. Then by and by you see the stars and the trees and the rocks – they are all vibrating with love.

Physicists say that it is electricity that is the substratum of reality. Religious people say it is love. Electricity may be just a phenomenon of love energy. So this you have to seek and search for, and you have to vibrate with love. You have to become receptive to the love sound that is continuously happening all around.

Every bird that sings is singing for love. Every flower that opens is opening for love, and every eye is in search of love. Every heart beats for love. Love is the very meaning of life. If there is no love, life becomes meaningless.

When people start asking, ’What is the meaning of life?’ that simply shows that they have not been able to find their love; hence the meaning is missing. Now there is no way to find it. If you cannot find it in love, then there is no other place to find it. Then you can go on searching, but it is in vain.

So feel more loving. Love people and allow others to love you. Don’t create barriers. Whenever love knocks at your door, remember it is god who has knocked. Reject love and you have rejected god. Welcome love and you have welcomed god. God comes as love, flowers as love.

Source – Osho Book “Dance Your Way to God”

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