Osho on Hanuman and Saint Ramdas
Lord Hanuman

Osho – There is a very beautiful story…. There was a great saint, Ramdas. Thousands of years after Rama walked on the earth, Ramdas was reciting his story again — after thousands of years. The way he used to tell the story of Rama was so enchanting, so magnetic, so charismatic, that it is said that Hanuman, the absolute devotee of Rama, who had seen everything with his own eyes, used to come to listen to Ramdas, of course, in disguise. He would sit in the crowd and listen, and he enjoyed it very much.

Sometimes it happens that when you are involved in the action itself you can’t see the whole thing, the perspective cannot be that big. You are involved in the thing, you are doing your thing, and there are a thousand and one things going on; you cannot be watchful of all.

Now the story was finished, completed. Ramdas was telling his disciples the story of Rama, and Hanuman was very happy, utterly glad to come, to listen. Many things that he had only heard through rumors he was listening to again from an authentic source.

But one day a problem arose. Ramdas was describing when Rama’s wife, Sita, was stolen by Ramana. He kept her on Sri Lanka in a beautiful garden; the garden was full of white flowers. Ramdas was telling that part of the story — that Ramana kept Sita in a beautiful garden which was full of white flowers.

Now this was too much, because Hanuman had visited Sita in the garden and he had not seen a single white flower; he had seen red flowers. So he stood up. He forgot that he should not interfere, that he was not expected to be there at all. He stood up and he said, “Please, everything is okay, but this information you got wrong. You change it! There was not a single white flower, all the flowers were red, BLOODY RED.”

Ramdas said, “You sit silently! Who are you to correct me?”
In anger, Hanuman threw his blanket. He was a monkey god, so with his tail and everything he appeared out of the blanket, and he said, “You ask me who I am? I am the Hanuman about whom you are talking! And I was the man who went to the garden, and you never went, you were never there. And after thousands of years you are telling the story, and you have got some nerve! You are telling me to keep quiet! I cannot keep quiet! Change the story! The flowers were red, absolutely red!”

But Ramdas said, “Don’t be stupid! In the first place you are not expected here. In the second place, you may have gone, but I cannot change the story. I know for sure that the flowers were white.” Now this was too much. Hanuman was an eye-witness, and this man, after five thousand years, was writing a story, and he seemed to be much too stubborn. Not only that, he called Hanuman stupid!

He said, “You be silent! Don’t be monkeyish! I know who you are — you just keep quiet!” Hanuman said, “I cannot allow this. You will have to come with me. I will take you to Rama. Only Rama can decide now — and this has to be decided.”

So Hanuman took Ramdas on his shoulders, flew back to heaven, reached Rama, really angry, and said, “Look at this man! After five thousand years he is writing a story. About everything else I have not objected because I was not an eye-witness. And I love his story; he is a beautiful story-teller. But about things which I was involved in he is not ready even to listen to me. You tell him to change his story.

The flowers were all red, and he goes on insisting that they were white. Not only that, he calls me stupid, and he tells me ‘Be quiet, and don’t disturb and don’t interfere!’ And I say again, the flowers were red! What do you say?”

Rama said, “Hanuman, Ramdas is right, the flowers were white. But you were so angry because my wife was stolen, your eyes were full of blood; hence you saw the flowers as red. You should not interfere. When persons like Ramdas say something, it cannot be changed. It is not a question of time — five thousand or fifty thousand years, it doesn’t make any difference. For a man like Ramdas there is no time.

He has entered into eternity, all time has disappeared. When he is telling the story he is not only telling the story, he is SEEING it too. For him there is no question of time. It is not something of the past.” This was too much! Hanuman said, “You also were not present there! And this is being partial, unjust. It is unfair! I was present there! You had not gone into the garden, so who are you? Ask Sita; she was there, and I hope that she will not be unfair.”

And Sita started laughing and said, “Hanuman, you simply apologize. The flowers were white; you were just so angry that you could not see the white flowers. You imposed your anger, you were so blood-thirsty! You just apologize to Ramdas. And make it a point that in the first place you need not go, and if you go then keep hiding and don’t interfere. Nothing can be changed. Whatsoever Ramdas is saying is right, because he has a more aloof, distant witnessing than you can ever have. You were too much involved in it.”

9 thoughts on “Osho on Lord Hanuman and Saint Ramdas Story”
  1. It was ridiculous for an intelligent / reasonable man like osho .this shows only his joke or abnormality . others can make a joke of him also . it does not suit worth of osho .

  2. Dear Pathak,

    You missed the point. The Master meant, the Ramayana is so beautiful to read or listen. Why would anyone wonder whether it really happened or not, it is definitely not current or future.
    The question is like the whole point is concentrated on colors of flowers. Not the beauty of the story.

  3. Dear Pathak and Kiran,
    I am reading Osho is saying that for a man who can exist beyond even the capture of time, all memories of existence are available to look into, as if they happened right in front of his eyes. Ramdas was such a man whose witnessing is distant even from time, and hence can see things of any time. Lord Hanuman has not yet reached that level of witnessing, and still identified with time. Hence Lord Hanuman can be wrong due to his attachment and involvement in a slice of time like Mother Sita’s time in the garden without a distant awareness of it.

  4. Prem,

    Did osho ever mentioned to view something that happened in past ?.. This is a story, he mentioned in begining.. just analyse, how they found Rama, Sita,.. they are not alive.. its not possible to have a chat between souls & 2 humans..

  5. I dont think this is a story told by Osho. Osho never speak in this way. Coz this seems just like story told by a story-teller. Not Osho. Osho’s speech would always be associated with logical rationale.

  6. I dont think this is a story told by Osho. Osho never speak in this way. Coz this seems just like story told by a story-teller. Not Osho. Osho’s speech would always be associated with a logical rationale.

  7. Those who are seeing things right now are definately correct than those who have seen things back then, as in mentally reviewing things. Im trying to explain……
    Hanuman ji was revealing his minds message about the colour(memory)but sant ramdas ji was ‘seeing’ right now. so, even though he was not present at the scene………..he is softly correct.

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