Osho on Ramakrishna Cancer

Osho : I am reminded of a case: Ramakrishna had a cancer of the throat. In the last stage it became impossible even to drink water. All his disciples said, ”Why don’t you ask in your prayers to God to remove this cancer? We know that if you ask, your prayer will be heard. And if your prayer cannot be heard, then all prayers are false.”

Ramakrishna was such a man that if his prayer is not heard, it can only mean there is no God, or God is deaf. If Ramakrishna’s prayer is not answered, then nobody else in the whole world should hope that his prayer will be answered. So they insisted again and again, but Ramakrishna said, ”It does not look right. I close my eyes because you insist. But I cannot ask anything from existence. Perhaps cancer is right; otherwise why should it be given to me? I cannot be wiser than existence.”

The disciples in despair asked Ramakrishna’s wife, Sharada, ”Unless you tell him, he will not listen to anyone. And you have to be absolutely insistent.”

Sharada told Ramakrishna. He said, ”I knew that my disciples would bring you, and I cannot refuse you because I have never refused. And you have never asked anything; this is the first time in your whole life you are asking for something, and in these last moments how can I refuse you? I will try.”

He closed his eyes and after a few seconds he opened them and started laughing.
Sharada said, ”What happened? Did you ask?”

He said, ”I asked. But the answer came: ‘Why do you insist on your own throat? Drink from all the throats of your disciples. Why insist on being identified with your own body? Why not merge into all your lovers?’ That’s why I started laughing because I knew this would be the answer. You unnecessarily made me look stupid before existence.”

If the disciple loves the master, if there is trust, and trust founded on experience, he will carry spontaneously the master’s message. There is no need to say anything, he will be his master’s message.

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