Osho on Watching Watcher

Osho : The hand is moving, you are watching it – not only from the outside but from the inside too. You are separate, that witness is separate. It is unidentified with anything that we know of. It is identical only with God but we don’t know anything about God. That witness is God. When you become a perfect witness you are a god, you are no more a human being.

That’s why we have called Buddha a god, Krishna a god, for this reason – not that they have created the world but because in that moment of alertness, watchfulness, they are no more identified with the body, with the mind; they are not identified at all. The mind is separate, the body is separate, the world is separate, and they are only the watcher.

It gives such peace – just the idea that one is a watcher. Somebody hits you on your face. If you are just a watcher then nothing affects you. It is as if somebody else has been hit; you have been just an eye-witness, that’s all. It is none of your business. One can even laugh at the whole ridiculousness of it, one can even enjoy it.

Somebody insults you and you can watch. There are millions of opportunities in life, when, if you watch, problems won’t arise. Problems arise when you become identified with the body or with the mind. Then you get disturbed, distracted.

It is exactly that, precisely that: just think that this watcher is sitting on the top of a hill, far away, distant, just looking down in the valley. As other people are moving, you are too. Slowly, slowly you. will be able to hover over your body and you will be able to see that the body is doing things. And the body will be able to do things more perfectly because there will be no distraction: there will be such a silent, peaceful, milieu inside.

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