Osho on being satisfied in the world

Osho – Sarva means all, sambhavo means possible – all is possible. Man is a seed of infinity. Nothing is impossible, and one should not be satisfied with oneself too early, in fact one should never be satisfied with oneself; the fire of discontentment should be kept burning.

One should be satisfied with things but one should not be satisfied with oneself. the situation is just the reverse: people are satisfied with themselves but they are not satisfied with their house, the wife, the husband, the children, the car. They are not satisfied with anything in the world except themselves. This is the situation; it has to be reversed.

One should be satisfied with the world as it is, it does not matter much. The house, the money, the things that you possess, in the ultimate reckoning they don’t matter. In the ultimate reckoning all that matters is your being. And because man is dissatisfied with things he has improved upon things; great improvement has happened upon things.

If you look back just two thousand years ago, even emperors didn’t have the clothes that beggars have today. Even great kings, great conquerors, could not have this speed that anybody can have today. Man has improved upon things, for a simple reason: he was dissatisfied with things. But he has not improved upon himself.

Buddha lived in the world of bullock carts; we live in the world of jets, but as far as the inner world is concerned, Bud&a lived far higher than we live. As far as the inner is concerned there has not been any evolution. And the reason is that we are not discontented with our inner being.

Once you are discontented, a great thirst, a hunger to grow, arises. And the desire to grow is the greatest thing that can happen to a man, because all else becomes possible through it.

Source: from Osho Book “The Sacred Yes”

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