Osho on Seeing Beautifully

Osho : Deva means divine, Khabiro is a sufi name for God. It means: one who sees, the cognizant one, the seeing one. The full name will mean: the divine vision, a divine way of seeing things.

And it all depends on how you look at the world. It is your seeing that determines the world. We don’t live in the same world, because our ways of seeing are different. There are as many worlds as there are people, hence the clash. Hence the conflict in love, in friendship, because two ways of seeing can’t agree. They overlap, they collide, they try to manipulate each other, they try to dominate each other, but deep down the fact is that there are two kinds of seeing, and there is a great fight going on about who wins, whose eye proves to be the right eye.

Religion is a way of seeing with closed eyes. Science observes with open eyes: it looks out. Religion observes with closed eyes. And when these two eyes are closed, absolutely closed, a third eye opens inside — that is ‘Khabiro.’ These two eyes create a duality, so whatsoever you see is always divided into two.

For example: what you call love and hate is one energy; it is not two energies, it is one energy. There is no division in it. But when you see with two eyes, it looks as if there is love and hate. There is only love/hate, there is only darkness/light, not darkness and light. There is only cold/hot, not cold and hot. That ‘and’ is created by the two eyes. The whole reality becomes divided. These two eyes function like a prism in which the ray enters and becomes divided into seven colours. It was pure white. When it was one, undivided, it was pure white. When it is divided it is so many colours — it is no more white, it is no more one.

Turning in, there is a third eye. These two eyes meet at a point deep within you. They will never meet outside; they can’t meet there. The farther away you look, the farther away they are; the closer you come, the closer they are. When you close your eyes they have become one. That is ‘Khabiro’, and that one eye can see the reality as it is. It is seeing without seeing. It is seeing without any medium. It is uncorrupted seeing. All those seven colours have fallen into one and become white again.

People are very interested in having beautiful eyes. Rather, they should be interested more in having a beautiful way of looking at things. Rather than having beautiful eyes, have a beautiful vision. See beautifully. See the one, the undivided, the eternal — -that’s what I mean when I say ‘See beautifully.’ And it is possible. It is within our grasp; it is just that we have never tried to attain it. We have never looked at the potential at all. We have never worked out the possibility to its actuality. It has remained like a seed. The third eye hai remained like a seed.

Once your energy enters and falls on the third eye, it starts opening; it becomes a lotus, it blooms. And suddenly your whole life-pattern is changed. You are a different person. You are no more the same; you can never be the same again and the world can never be the same. Everything is the same and yet nothing will ever be the same again. You have attained to a single eye. Jesus says ‘Have the single eye and then you will know what God is.’

This is going to be your work: meditate more and more with closed eyes, try more and more to see in. In the beginning it is difficult. It is very dark there, because we have forgotten even how to look in. It has been neglected, ignored. Slowly, slowly, the rocks of old habits will be broken and you will be able to feel, grasp, grope, and slowly slowly you will become adjusted and you will be able to see it.

First it will be utter darkness. It is just as when you come in from outside where it was hot and sunny. You enter your room and it is dark and you cannot see for a few seconds; then the eyes get adjusted. Slowly slowly the room is not so dark; slowly slowly, it is full of light.

The same is the case in the inner. For the time being everything will become dark, but if you persist — and persistence is meditation — if you are patient — and patience is meditation, if you go on digging and digging, one day you stumble upon the source of your energy. Suddenly darkness disappears and it is all light — and such a grandeur and such a splendour that one cannot even dream about it.

Source : Osho Book “The 99 Names of Nothingness”

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