Osho – Remember to be more conscious; on the other hand, remember to be more blissful. These are the two wings, and if you can attain to these two wings god is not very far away; the whole sky is available. Then you can fly, you can take off. And they both go together very easily, because whenever you are alert, conscious, you are naturally more blissful.

Only in unalertness does one fall into misery. Misery goes together with unconsciousness; it cannot exist with consciousness. Just as darkness cannot exist with light, in the same way misery cannot exist with consciousness. Consciousness is like a lamp burning bright: it dispels misery and naturally makes it easy to become more blissful. And the other way round is also simple: if you are more blissful you will be more conscious, because when you are blissful that very state keeps you alert, alive. That very state gives you a sharpness of being.

Misery dulls you, deadens you. Misery collects like dust around your mirror and you start reflecting less and less. A moment comes when you are just a layer of dust and there is no reflection left. So these are the two wings to be grown. The bird of sannyas lives on these two wings: bliss/consciousness. That bird of sannyas is cal!ed truth. This is the indian trinity: bliss, truth, consciousness. Truth is just in the middle, bliss is on one side, consciousness is on the other side. If you become blissfully conscious or consciously blissful, you attain to truth. Truth is the synthesis of these two, the highest peak of these two. One has to start with these two.

One cannot seek truth directly; there is no way to. In the first place, we don’t know what truth is. In the second place, we don’t know where it is. In the third place, even if sometimes we come across it accidentally, we will not be able to recognise it because we have never known it before.

Previous knowledge is needed to recognise it. So even if you come across god you will not be able to recognise him. In fact we come across god many times: even in an ordinary life god goes on making contact with you. He comes in many ways but how to recognise him? We don’t know his face, we don’t know his name, we don’t know how he looks. So one cannot move directly towards truth.

That’s where philosophy goes astray: it looks directly into truth; it tries to find out what truth is… it cannot. Religion goes indirectly, religion goes in a subtle way. Religion does not try to reach in and grab truth; religion tries to grow wings. Religion forgets about truth, remembers consciousness, blissfulness.

So by and by the more you become soaked with consciousness and bliss, the more clear becomes your vision. You attain to clarity, you attain to the third eye. The third eye simply means that these two eyes of consciousness and bliss meet and mingle and become one.

There comes a moment when a synthesis arises between these two, then they are no more two. They become integrated in one phenomenon; that is the third eye. And with that, one knows god. With that, one has always known. With that one has never missed for a single moment. With that one has lived in god….

Source: from Osho Book “The Further Shore”

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