Osho - Sannyas is a new birth

Osho – Remember that sannyas is a new birth, the beginning of something mysterious in life, something that is very elusive. There is no way to argue it, to prove it, but it is. And unless it starts having its impact on you, your life goes on missing the meaning. Once the unknown has penetrated you, life has meaning, and only then. Meaning simply means the penetration of the unknown into the known.

All is not known, and it is good; all can never be known, and it is good. Something is basically unknowable. To be initiated into sannyas is to be initiated into the unknowable. It is a love relationship – love with the whole, love with existence as such. And out of love everything grows: prayer, worship, celebration. Love is the source of all.

Remember it and from this moment be in search of the mysterious that is already around you, within you, without you… but of which we have become oblivious. Because it is so much there, we don’t pay any attention to it. Attention is paid only when something new happens – and god is so ancient.

If something new happens, immediately your mind becomes attracted. If nothing new happens, then the mind goes to sleep. And god is the most ancient – he has been your companion forever and forever; hence we have forgotten him. Now he has to be remembered.

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